•  Providing ad hoc research of new and existing brands for specific international market demands.

•  Offering buyers a range of Italian and international brand and product options from contemporary to luxury, by upcoming and existing designers.

•  Preparing detailed buying schedules during fashion weeks for the buying teams and organizing transportation and access to events and fashion shows.

•  Assisting assortment formation during buyings based on product quantity adaptation to meet retailers’ needs and local consumers’ tastes. Managing warranty issues in relation to product quality.

•  Implementing of all procedures including order entry, item cancellation and substitution, negotiations of payment terms, completion of customs practice and the final check of the fulfillment of the order.

•  Logistic support including logistic partner research and follow up from shipment of goods up to delivery.

•  Organizing trainings for the staff about the individual brands and their seasonal collections to support sell-out.